Black Festoon Lights
Black Festoon Lights
Black Festoon Lights

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Black Festoon Lights

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Make a dramatic statement with this set of 10 LED lights that are designed to enlighten and decorate your outdoor or indoor space.
There is plenty of scope to drape or arrange the lights to suit your preference, around a hedge, tree or along your patio wall. Above each bulb fitting sits a circular hole which can be clipped onto hooks, branches or fence screws.

- 10 LED bulbs
- Lighting length: 4.5m
- Total length: 7.5m
- Plug to first bulb: 3m
- Distance between each bulb: 50cm
- Diameter of bulb: 6cm

- Weatherproof (bulbs and wire)
- IP44 rated for outdoor use
- Class 3 Construction 
- G60 shape
- Each bulb has 5 copper LED's inside (non-replaceable)
- One dead LED will not affect the others
- LED colour: warm white
- Wattage: 10 Bulbs 1.8W and 20 Bulbs 3W
- Not dimmable
- Plug must be used indoors or in a weatherproof outdoor socket box
- Lifespan: 5,000 hours